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Static Web Vs Dynamic Web

by Guvay Zyne

When talking about web design it is necessary to know some basic concepts, regardless of whether or not we are developers. Likewise, it is necessary to understand that the user experience is the key to the design of a website. Nowadays there is a lot of competition in all markets and sectors, so companies and business owners must focus on satisfying the consumer, but not only offering him a product or service that meets his need or interest, but that he feels satisfied when surfing on his site.

However, before starting all the necessary research to establish a correct marketing strategy, branding, and even UX design it is necessary to choose a type of web for your business; static or dynamic. The constant evolution of web sites has been transforming in such a way that better tools are offered to the users that they are really looking for what they need. And this is where the difference between these types of websites comes into play. www.Mandreel.com helps us to better understand each of these.

Features and differences

First, we present the static web pages, which were the first to be developed. These are developed in XHTML, HTML and CSS programming language. The static websites have the characteristic of always showing the same information at all times. The users that enter will only be able to see this information but they cannot interact with it because it does not have any functionalities.

In previous times, these websites used to be the ideal ones for many companies that had no pretensions with their site but only used it to inform their consumers about their products or services. Also, this type of website showed the profile of the company: who they are, their vision and mission. The main advantage of this type of website is that it is easier and faster to develop than a dynamic website, and it is also cheaper.

On the other hand, dynamic webs are more focused on the user experience (UX). That is why applications are involved within the same web, and these are responsible for offering consumers various forms of interaction. A dynamic web is always in constant development and movement, so it is updated frequently.

It values the user experience

Mandreel.kr also explains that dynamic websites have greater design and development possibilities. These can be easily managed by anyone, even without being a programmer, because they are developed with the collaboration of content managers. If you still don’t identify a static website from a dynamic website, then imagine a blog; blogs are dynamic websites because their content is always changing and updated frequently.

Nowadays, most of the websites you can find are dynamic, because they are the ideal ones for any company or business since they allow the implementation of more tools that not only show your products and services but also provide a better navigation experience to the user. Among the dynamic websites that Mandreel develops, they allow it to store statistics, receive payments, market products, and services, etc. In addition, this is the ideal type of website to promote the development of a brand, and also to attract customers and position yourself in the market.

If you want to know more about dynamic websites or simply a static website is enough, enter Mandreel.com and hire the services that best suit you and that can take your brand forward.

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