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How to Make The Highest Quality Stickers for Business

by Guvay Zyne

Don’t underestimate the potentials and power a sticker hold especially for marketing for your business. It may be small, but it can be a really great tool that is absolutely helpful for you especially if you are in a tight budget for marketing and promoting your product or service.

There are a lot of different ways you can be creative with the distribution of your stickers. You are free to give them out as freebies to the passerby, insert them in purchases, stuck together with flyers or brochures as a coupon, and many more. You can be as creative as possible using a sticker. However, first thing first, you have to make sure that the quality of your sticker is top-notch so that you can get the right impression and strong impact on your target audience. Here are some easy yet important tips for your sticker printing purposes. This won’t take too long.

1. Keep it to a Minimum

Don’t design your sticker all the way over the top. Keep it looking clean and simple so that people can immediately find the information they want to know from your sticker instead of having them distracted by unnecessarily inserted design elements.

2. Make it Legible

Since your sticker delivers a certain message, make sure that it is easy to read by anyone. The legibility of a sticker depends on the choice of the font as well as colors, particularly the color of the background and the text. If the background of a sticker is light, then the text must be dark. This appliest o the opposite situation to ensure the legibility of it.

3. Use CMYK colors

 You must have heard about RGB and CMYK, which the two of them are the most popular color processing used to get more colors in the palette. It is recommended to design and print both in CMYK colors to get the best results with accurate colors. It is easier to use CMYK colors because most printers use these colors for their inks. To match it up, make sure that you design wit the CMYK colors as well.

4. Bleed Area

Account for the bleed area, which is the area that is left blank around the edge of the sticker. Before you hand the design of your sticker to the printing shop, make sure that you have included the bleed area in the design so that you can get a more uniform sized stack of stickers. The ideal bleed area for the trimming process after sticker printing is usually around 5 mm.

5. Never Skip Proofreading

Check for the design as well as and especially spellings, punctuation, capitalization in the text to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the design and that it is ready to go. It is best to ask other people who are not familiar with your work to find the mistake in your design if there is any.  Many people dismiss the importance of proofreading and end up reducing their chances of sales and success.

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