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How to Make a Thank You Card

by Jacob Cole

There are various processes to make a thank you card. Making a thank you card is a way of showing gratitude, it is a way of appreciating people. This post talks about how to make a Thank You card.

Factors to consider when making a Thank You card

There are certain factors to consider when making a thank you card. Such factors are:


Consider when you intend to send the Thank You card, before you make the card. You are mostly likely to send or give out this card after an event took place. So when? When are you giving out this card? This is a factor to consider.


Who are you giving this card to? Is this card meant for your clients or other people? It could be for a certain group of people. First write down the names of those people, you intend to give this card. List out all the people you intend to give this card. List out all the people you intend to thank, before you start making the card.


So what are you going to write in your Thank You card? There are various templates to choose from. Greet the person for a start and spell out the name of that person correctly. You can start with a thank you expression like ‘ thank you so much for’, ‘I am so grateful’ and so on. Then add some details. You can add details about what you are thanking them for.

Making a Thank You Card

Pick a design

Create a pretty border on the card with a washi tape

You can use a washi tape and cut the pieces to form a border through the width and length of the card. Then line them up in a way that they become even with the edges. Press and trim. You can choose from various washi types and colours.

Form a collage from a cutout to form a design

This is a way to make a card personalised. Make the card according to personality of the person and then cut out pictures that you can use to remember them. You can cut out pictures and words of gratitude. You can cover the entire card with the words ‘ thank you’.

Design a rainbow card or balloon for a child

You can use colored pencils, markers, rainbow arches or balloon shapes. Let the image cover all the front. You can use a special thank you message to personalise the card.

Cut out shapes and adorn the card with a pretty design

Squares, circles, flowers, stars and hearts have virtual effects. You can make a card elegant with a simple, creamy and thick design. A calligraphy or a stamp can be used to write a ‘ thank you’ in the front. You can use silver or gold markers, a simple design and stay with stamps that are homemade.

Colouring the card

You may decide to paint the name of the person using birds, sun and so on with different colours. Ensure that the card is dry before putting it in an envelope if you are mailing the card. Note that you can craft a card with a brown and twine.

Card decoration

You can decorate the card by cutting the edges to various shapes to make them unique. You can use scalloped shears to cut a square from a white or with different scissors patterns. Go through the options. You can decorate the card using stamps to add another part to the card. Adding a dimension to the card using cutouts is a decoration. Gluing on gems or buttons to give a touch that is whimsical is decorative. Leftover ribbons give texture to a card and you can consider this as an option.

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