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7 Steps that Guide You to Make a Packaging Sticker

by Guvay Zyne

Sticker is used widely. You can make it as a decoration, promotion, toy, or even for the packaging sticker. Usually, the packaging sticker is used for showing your identity on the product packaging, inform the consumer about the ingredients of your product, or even to decorate the packaging to be more attractive. If you are interested in making a packaging sticker, you should know the right step to get the right packaging sticker! So, here are several steps that can guide you to make a packaging sticker that fits with your need.  

1. Identifying the Goal 

What is your goal by making a packaging sticker? Do you want to make it to inform the consumer about the ingredients of your product or maybe you have another goal of making it? Identifying the goals is the first important step before you make a packaging sticker. 

2. Concept Is a Must 

After knowing the goals, then the next step is about making a concept. Maybe if you want to make an attractive packaging sticker, you can imagine it first then noted it on the draft. Apart, you can consider the target consumer for your business or product for making a concept. 

3. Prepare the Information Needed. 

Based on the goals, what kind of information you want to show on your packaging sticker? The number of phone, email, website, ingredients, slogan, address, or anything that you want to include on it. But remember, as you prepare the information, you should do the verification about that. It is because the consequence of showing the wrong information can be affecting you and also your consumer. 

4. Boost your Idea by Finding a Reference 

If you are stuck about making a concept for the packaging sticker, you can find several references to boost your idea. As long as you are not doing the plagiarism, you are allowed to find any reference. 

5. Design Is a Crucial Part! 

The concept that has already been made will be executed as soon as you start to do the design. There are several design apps you can use for designing the sticker such as Adobe, Corel, or maybe you can try to do the design on the online design platform such as Canva. Be careful about picking the color. Since the color has an impression that can affect the audience, you should pick it carefully. 

6. Doing the Inspection 

Sometimes, people skip inspecting the design. But, since the inspection won’t take a long time, you should not skip doing the inspection. Check every word on the design to find any typographical error. You can check if the words are easy to read or not. Doing the inspection help you avoid the cost of the risk if your sticker failed after you print it. 

7. Sticker Printing 

If you have already ensured if everything is done, then the last step will be about printing the sticker. sticker printing is one one the important things when you make it. The quality of printing will be affecting the sticker’s looks. So, that’s why you should never overlook to print the sticker with a good quality of printing. 

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