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5 Top Tips for Successful Flyer Printing

by Guvay Zyne

When it comes to low cost business advertising, flyer printing can be a really great tool. But of course, you have to be able to design and print it properly so that you can achieve effective marketing. A great flyer design should be strong, beautiful, memorable, and thought provoking. This is supported by the right printing decisions as well. It does not matter whether you design your flyer on your own or hire a professional graphic designer. Here are flyer design and printing tips that can help you achieve a flyer that is outstanding as well as effective.

1. Look Eye Catching

The stronger the visual impact of your flyer is, the higher the chance that it will get picked up by your target audience or held onto by them. The visual of your flyer should not be dull, whether it is designed subtly or bold.

Remember to incorporate your business color to reinforce your brand and find matching colors in the palette to create a well-balanced look that is aesthetically pleasing. Colors must be used effectively for the design of your flyer, and this includes contrast between everything especially when it comes to the background color and text color.

2. Appear Friendly

Your flyer should appear friendly and approachable for your target audience. Try to deliver the content of your flyer in a conversational tone that is light and informal especially if you are trying to reach target audiences that are dynamic and less formal. Include supporting images to further embed the friendly impression, such as inserting bright and amiable images.

3. Flyer Font

The font is an aspect that is often overlooked even though it is actually very important. You have to choose the font of your flyer carefully because each font has a different personality compared to others. The font’s tone needs to represent your brand image well, and most importantly, it also needs to be legible. Don’t use Comic Sans for formal flyers, for example. And don’t use caligraphy-like fonts for the entirety of it because it is difficult to read and may only cause confusion to the recipient of the flyer. A font does not need to be unusual, just make sure that it matches the style of the flyer.

4. Choose the Appropriate Color

Colors don’t only make your flyer look more attractive, but it also determines the impression or perception that you can create with it. Colors can affect the mood of the readers and trigger certain emotions. That’s why it is important to understand color psychology well and choose the colors that best match the message that you want to deliver to your target audience.

5. Call to Action

Let your readers know what action they need to take once they are done reading your flyer, especially if they are interested in what you have to offer. This call to action sentence can be a command, imperative, or directive words that influence the reader to act on the information that you have provided for them. Try to encourage them to take action immediately by choosing words that are bold but innocuous.

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