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5 Easy Tips to Make the Best Invitation Card

by Jacob Cole

Invitation cards are essential to let your guests know when and where is your event. There are many different types of invitation card printing in Singapore depending on the occasion, but they are all intended for the same purpose. 

However, the way they are designed may vary as well. 

To make an interesting invitation card, here are some of the design tips that you can try. 

1. Design Your Own Illustration 

If you can make an illustration of your own, it is great to put it on your invitation card. It will make your invitation card feel more “you”, meaning that it has more personality. 

If you are a traditional artist, you can ask a designer to convert the design digitally so that it will be easier to insert into the design and print. 

If the illustration is already digital, then all you have to do is insert the illustration into the design. 

With your personal illustration on your invitation card, it will be more impressive and difficult to forget. 

2. Make it a Mini Poster 

You can make your invitation card to resemble a mini movie poster. 

This type of invitation card is still rarely done, but if you do, it will be one to remember for a long time. 

Try to find a movie or a theme that suits your event. Then you can tweak it to match your occasion. 

People will pay more attention to this kind of invitation than normal boring ones. 

3. Make Unique Shapes 

You can create unique patterns or designs using die-cutting. These days, it is quite popular. 

Use your creativity with this so that you can make a hard to miss invitation card. 

The unique shapes or patterns can be made on the invitation card corners, folds, or whenever you think is proper. 

However, remember not to overdo it and make your invitation card look strange instead. 

4. Deliver Information Using Infographics 

You can make your name card’s content as an infographic so that people can grasp the key information easier. 

Not only that it is more effective, invitation cards like this are more interesting as well. 

People tend to dislike reading too many words, so delivering them in short and simple infographics can be very intriguing. 

5. Match Theme with Typography 

When designing an invitation card, surely you are making it with a theme so that people can know what kind of event you are inviting them to just by a glance. Now, it is important to match the choice of typography with the overall invitation card theme so that you can make a cohesive look. 

There are going to be some trials and errors with choosing typography that looks best, but it is very important not only for aesthetics but also for the comfort of reading. If people find it difficult to read the content of your invitation card, they won’t be able to know the event that you are inviting them to. 

Don’t forget to take note of these tips and try them out yourself. Hopefully, the invitation card that you make comes out wonderful. 

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