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4 Places That You Can Decorate With Sticker

by Jacob Cole

Have you thought to decorate something by using a sticker? Since now, you need to consider that! The sticker has a lot of functions. It is not something that you can use only as toys or promotional tools, but it can be used as a decoration item too. You can make your room or object more attractive by using it. Sticker is easy to design and print. Plus, it also has an affordable price! That’s why people love and consider to make and use it. 

As a decoration item, a sticker can be applied to a lot of objects! You are free to apply it everywhere as long as it will stick perfectly. But as a reference, here are a few places that people usually placed their sticker for decoration purposes! 

1. Bullet Journal 

Productivity is essential. Because of that, nowadays bullet journals have become more popular among people. But, do you know about the bullet journal before? It is a journal for managing personal schedules, creates a list for reminders and tasks, tracking personal habits, and more. Mostly, people will make their bullet journal pleasant to see. They decorate it by drawing aesthetic objects, write with beautiful font type, or using a sticker! Usually, they make a sticker by theirself, buy it, or download the printable bullet journal sticker on the internet.  

2. Packaging 

You can apply the sticker on a paper packaging or the plastic packaging. In business, people use it as a promotion tool and label but at the same time, you can decorate the packaging by using a it too! In this way, the packaging can be more look attractive. But, before that, you need to make sure the sticker prints well and has a good result. If it is not, then how can it make the packaging more attractive? Because of that, professional Sticker printing will be the right choice to get a good quality result of printing that can support the packaging to become more attractive. 

3. Phone Case 

Sometimes, people think that their phone case is too simple to see. If you think so, then how to try to decorate your phone case by using a sticker. You can create everything that you love on the sticker. It can be a picture of your favorite idols, cartoon characters, or anything that you want to create on it. As mentioned before, you can make it independently or you can easily buy it. There are pros and cons whether you choose to make it or buy it. If you make it by yourself, you are free to create anything for the design but the quality might be not as good as you buy it. And if you choose to buy it, then you’ll meet the reverse situation. 

4. Suitcases 

Have you found a flag sticker in a souvenir store when you go to travel? Or another sticker which related to the place that you visited? Buy it and applied it to your suitcase. So, you can remember where you have traveled by using the same suitcase. Plus, by using it, you can make your suitcase more catchy. 

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