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3 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Rubber Stamp

by Guvay Zyne

If you are either an office worker or a business owner and haven’t acquired yourself a rubber stamp, then you really have to consider getting one. Even though it sounds like something insignificant, in actuality it is something that is very important and helpful.

These days, there are pre-made stamps that you can get in stores for basic designs. However, it is a lot better to make one your own. As in, you design your own stamp, and you send the design to a stamp manufacturer for production. Why? Well, here are the reasons why you should make your own stamp:

1. Free to Choose Shape and Size

As you might have already known, there are different shapes and sizes that you can choose for a rubber stamp. Some types of rubber stamp has more customizable size than the others, for example a traditional rubber stamp. However, self inking stamp and pre inked stamp also usually come in various sizes from big to small. If you make your own stamp, you can freely choose the size that you want and say it to the manufacturer so they can surely get you the stamp size that is perfect for you according to what you desire. Instead of having to settle with what is available in the store, this is a lot more better. That goes along with the shape as well. As you design it on your own, you decide what shape of stamp that you want and have it made just how you like it.

2. Carve Company Name

If you design your rubber stamp on your own and make the order for manufacture, you can freely make anything to be carved onto the rubber part of the stamp. This includes your company logo that can be really handy especially for correspondence purposes. Stamping your company logo on various surfaces can also help you grow brand awareness in a subtle yet effective way.

Having a rubber stamp of your company name is very important especially if you are growing to be a big business. You need to be able to look professional and  proper as you send out your documents and release formal statements or files.

3. Choose Material

If you manufacture your stamp on your own accord, then the manufacturer will be able to offer you what kind of material you want to choose. For example, some stamps are made with wooden handle, some plastic, and some even metal. You can adjust your needs to the kind of stamp that you get. Most definitely, you can match the material with the budget that you have and it is cheaper in the end compared to buying pre-made ones.

If you order your own stamp, then definitely make sure that you are finding a really good printing service. A good printing service with enough experience and latest equipment can help you achieve a high quality stamp that can leave sharp impression on surfaces of papers and other materials, and it can definitely last a a long time too.

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