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3 Most Fundamental Aspects in Name Card Designing

by Jacob Cole

The design of a name card is absolutely important because only with a good design a name card can be effective and impactful enough toward its recipients. Although, the name card itself may not be all. But still, you have to pay great attention to the design of a Kiasu name card printing and put enough effort into the process, as well as when it comes to the printing step of name card production.

A name card must be able to represent you in a positive way as a professional and let people know your good points. This can only be done by a well-planned designing process that is not rushed and absolutely not done half-heartedly. If you choose to have a name card that is not of high quality, you will find difficulty in creating meaningful business relations and eventually you will have a hard time growing as a professional, whether in your job or in the company that you run or represent. That’s why, here are some useful tips that you should absolutely remember and do before you choose to print out your name cards and hand them out to people.

1. Information

There’s not much to be put into the design of a name card when it comes to the information, indeed. But some people think it is better to put in everything that they have into the name card to the point that the design looks cramped. Make sure you only put information that is most important and relevant to the design of your name card and try to put it in a layout that does not come off looking stuffy and full. Since you have to still include other design elements, you have to make sure that there is a space for everything on the design on your name card without making it look cluttered.

These days, the basics and most important information to be put into a name card is your name, your job or position in a company, your phone number, and e-mail address. A lot of people nowadays also include their social media handle or website where people can find more information about the work that you do or the company or brand that you represent. Remember that keeping a simple and minimal yet not boring design is key, so the content of the name card should support that goal in the designing process.

2. Font

Of course, to avoid having your name card look bland, you have to choose a befitting font. Be careful not to choose a font that looks overly stylized or extravagant, because a font like this won’t support good legibility of a name card. A name card must be easy to read and understand, that’s why it is better to choose a type of font that is simple and not confusing.

When it comes to font, you have to also consider the right size of the font. The displayed text on a name card should not be too big or too small, just make sure that it is easy to read from a reasonable distance. You can also make some important part bigger than the rest, for example, your name for emphasis.

3. Color

Choosing bold colors that are vibrant is one of the best strategies that you can do to make sure that your name card can stand out and leave a strong impression upon the recipient. Of course, the choice of colors must also mean something. The colors that you use must be able to represent your company or your line of work well.

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